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LatiDate entered the online dating market in 2018 and has been going strong since then. It offers users to meet women from Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as from a couple of other Latin American destinations. It has a user-friendly interface and a selection of communication tools, including texts, emails, and audio/video messages. 

Ladies on LatiDate impressed me with their proactiveness because they didn’t mind reaching out to me first. Additionally, the search filters helped me stumble upon a number of women who shared the same passions and values as I did, so LatiDate.com surely has something for everyone.  

Prices: affordable or a bit too much?

If you compare LatiDate to offline dating, you’ll clearly see that looking for a lover online is several times more affordable because you don’t have to waste time and money on ladies who have nothing in common with you. The site is credit-based, implying that you can purchase a different-sized package every time based on your communication intentions. The trick is in buying a bigger credit package because you’ll pay less for each credit then.

In general, you can expect the following prices at LatiDate:

35 credits
50 credits
100 credits
250 credits
400 credits
1000 credits

The good news is that each user gets 20 free credits after registration to try out the available services and decide whether he wants to keep using the site (that’s actually a green flag for a dating platform). Apart from that, you can leverage a special offer by purchasing the first 35 credits for a lower price, namely, $2.99.

My experience: Would I recommend LatiDate to a friend?

So, I decided to buy 100 credits because it seemed to be a golden middle for me. In this way, I didn’t have to spend too much money but still got a chance to explore all the available features and understand how I feel about them. 

I’d say that my favorite was the opportunity to exchange emails and then switch to chatting. Sometimes, I needed more time to define what I wanted to say if it felt like we’ve built a strong connection with her. At the same time, being able to exchange thoughts in real time was a great opportunity to see how easily we can connect and whether the conversation could go with the flow. 

I would definitely tell my friend to give LatiDate a try because I communicated with about 10 ladies who perfectly matched my preferences. I loved the quiz as well because it helped me define what I was actually looking for and prevented me from getting lost in the sea of choices. Although I could’ve used a bit more communication tools, the ones that were available seemed to do their work well enough.

Latidate review

Members of LatiDate — who are they?

Since there are about 35k monthly visits on LatiDate, the chances of stumbling upon your potential match are high. Speaking of the age distribution, most ladies are between 25 and 55 years old, which is a rather broad range that fits almost any taste. Although LatiDate.com might have a bit of uneven number of men and women, about 60% and 40%, the number of users keeps increasing, implying that even though it might take you a little more than expected, you’ll manage to find your soulmate anyway. 

However, you can still stumble upon some fake accounts because fraudsters use their strategies to make men trust them. So, if someone starts asking you to send them money, make sure to report the profile to the customer support team. Since scammers have tricky schemes, they find ways to get to the site, so it’s critical to stay vigilant. 

LatiDate has a bunch of free and paid services, so if you, like me, are trying to save money while getting the most out of your experience on the platform, it’s an excellent place for you. For example, I started by liking several profiles and saying hello to ladies who attracted me the most to let them know about my interest. I also added a couple of them to my “favorites” list to remember to reach out to them later.

As for paid tools, I enjoyed sending emails with attached files because they allowed me to fully convey my thoughts and feelings. I also sent a couple of virtual and real gifts to women I’ve had the strongest communication with to let them know that I appreciate them. There’s also an opportunity to request contact information after spending a certain number of credits on communicating with a woman.

LatiDate features

How responsive is the customer support on LatiDate?

You can be sure that if you have any questions, they’ll all be timely addressed because I’ve had some concerns about whether the lady I communicated with was actually real. The profile seemed suspicious, and she kept asking me to send her money. So, I contacted the team at [email protected], and they actually found out that it was a scammer who tricked the system. I’m glad that such a situation got solved that easily and nobody ended up having a more negative experience. 

Brand alternatives (for those who want to compare)

Since LatiDate review might give you even more insights when you have some other sites to compare it with, below are the best alternatives you can check out!

La Date

La-Date short review

Having been in the industry for over 19 years so far, LaDate boasts an extensive user database with a wide selection of ladies from several Latin American destinations. It’s known for a number of useful communication tools that help guys build connections with potential soulmates. The availability of several credit packages makes it easy to understand how much you’re ready to spend on the site and see that it’s actually more affordable than offline dating.

The Lucky Date

TheLuckyDate short review

The platform with an extensive user database boasts a selection of communication options and detailed profiles. There, you can select your preferences to meet ladies who perfectly fit your taste. It has several affordable credit packages, allowing users to be the ones to decide how much they’re going to spend on the offered services.

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