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Having entered the industry in 2004, La Date is one of the leaders in the dating niche thanks to having over 1.4 million monthly visits. Its main focus is to help Western men meet Latin women without spending too much time and money on offline dates. LaDate is a place both for flirting and serious relationships, thanks to putting effort into encouraging members to specify their goals on their profiles. You can join live streams with chat, as well as stickers and gifts to build connections with ladies and see right away what you have in common. 

How reasonable are the prices?

What is La Date? I can confidently say that it’s one of the most affordable platforms for meeting Latin women without worrying about spending a fortune on this. The site offers several credit packages you can choose from based on your dating goals. You won’t have to deal with the subscription renewal traps, but decide for yourself when it’s time to purchase a larger credit package. These are the prices you can expect on La-Date dating site:

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits
250 credits
750 credits

Besides, all the new users on LaDate receive 20 free credits after the registration, and an additional 10 after confirming their email. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to purchase your first 20 credits for $2.99.

In my opinion, this La-Date review can confidently mention that the platform has reasonable prices for its services. Namely, a minute in the live chat costs 2 credits, sending mails is about 30 credits, and opening videos in profiles will be about 50 credits. Although these numbers might seem confusing or high, it’s actually more affordable compared to going out every Friday night, hoping to stumble upon the love of your life at some bar or café.

La Date credit system

My experience: Yay or nay?

First off, is La Date a legit dating site? Yes, I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and would say that it has a bunch of real profiles of ladies genuinely interested in building serious relationships. What surprised me about the site is that the La-Date login took me about 10 minutes because I didn’t have to input some complicated data because only basic information was required. 

I can also say “kudos” to the site for its effort into making the search as effective as possible by introducing a quiz. There, you can answer questions like “do you prefer an extravert or an introvert” or “select your preferred age range.” Such details positively impact the overall experience because you get matched with several ladies right after finishing the last question. 

As for communication with ladies, a lot of users mention that women are proactive and often reach out first. I can only support this point because I was actually lucky enough to chat with about 15 (!) Latin women whose interests matched mine. At the same time, I only spent about 30 credits (a little more than $10), which is quite a small number, right?

The support team also deserved attention because users say that there are “very patient and nice guys working there.” I had a chance to see that for myself when I couldn’t figure out how to use the credits properly and reached out to the customer support. They helped me with this issue within 30 minutes and were super nice! So, LaDate is definitely a “yay” for me.

La-Date review

Who are the members of La-Date dating site?

I like that the La-Date dating website can satisfy anyone’s requests and preferences because the most popular women’s age on the platform is from 20 to 40 years. However, if you prefer ladies a bit over this range, you’ll surely stumble upon them on LaDate. 

As you can understand from its name, LaDate is a place where you can meet ladies from Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, to name a few. It’s a treasure trove for those who have always been attracted to passionate Latina women (just the way I am). Also, LaDate boasts a high gender distribution, which is about 45% ladies and 55% men. 

LaDate is one of those sites that doesn’t overwhelm you with its services, but provides just enough (or a little bit more) to prevent you from getting lost in the sea of choices. Although there’s no La Date app yet, it won’t hinder your experience on the platform because all the features are available in the mobile version. There are several free and paid features, which can be combined to achieve the best possible results. 

Personally, I liked that you can send likes and winks to women to let them know that you’re interested in getting to know them. You can also join streams, which offer an opportunity to understand what the lady is like and reach out to her if you feel like she might be a great match for you. 

Speaking of the paid services, I prefer combining messaging, video chatting, and mailing. I often mix this selection up by ordering gifts or sending stickers to ladies. There are communication tools for moments when you feel like spending hours discussing everything and times when you want to be more mindful and write your feelings down.

La-Date features

Customer support: Can you actually get help?

I’ve had the most positive experience on LaDate with its customer support because they didn’t make me feel like I was a fool for asking some simple questions. Instead, they put effort into making sure I got all the answers without making me spend hours awaiting the answer. In case you also have some concerns, don’t hesitate to hit them up on [email protected].

Brand alternatives (in case you need more options)

I can understand that it might be easier to find a perfect option for you by combining several alternatives. I won’t judge you for this because it’s a logical solution, so this La-Date review has some bonus info about the sites you can parallelly check out. 


Latidate short review

If you’re interested in meeting women from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, LatiDate is an excellent and affordable alternative for you. It boasts a slew of search filters and encourages its users to create detailed profiles. Despite having entered the industry not so long ago, it took it by the storm, helping thousands of people build serious relationships with their soulmates.

The Lucky Date

TheLuckyDate short review

You’ve probably heard about this site before because it has one of the largest user databases in the niche. It offers a number of communication features that make it easy to find a common language with ladies. For example, you can exchange stickers, send emails, and chat in real-time. It has affordable credit packages and a convenient app.

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If there is a man who knows everything about Latin mail order brides, it is Jakob Ledner. He has been writing about women from this region for more than 8 years, which shows his dedication and prowess in the topic.
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